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The human body gets verbified
Which body-part nouns have become verbs? Dozens. And yet this normal linguistic process causes some people to pancreas with rage! We ask why.

The flexibility of “football”
The sport went from mobs in the streets, to upper-class English schools, to the rest of the world. But what does “football” mean to you? boldly asks its hundreds of readers to denounce... words! If there are enough nominations, the site has promised to shut itself down.

How dictators crack down on you when you laugh at their alleged humorous names

Honouring the Kiwis with their lack of wisdom

Website fails to make any sense

In language, hell is other people
Of course, it isn't. But be careful whose advice you take.

Is anyone safe?

Can a crowdsourced dictionary work, or will it just end up printing strangeness?

Persons who lecture others to display their superior knowledge of English.
(not superior to ours)

Not a very large area, as far as I can tell! But in order fully to patronise the inferior dialects of our colonies across the waves, we have included pages on American, Australio-Kiwi, Canadian and Scotch.
My only fear is that these articles aren’t patronising enough; please E-mail us any improvements you can make.

Not just silly, but also dangerous! For if your mother tongue is Foreign, how can you warn me that your English is substandard and that you’re not worth talking to? You can’t!

Plus a couple of amusing false friends in French, German, Spanish and Welsh.

The word “brigade” now refers to anyone who opposes and drenches me.
Of course, this Proper English Foundation owes its existence and its prose style to the QUEEN’S ENGLISH SOCIETY, and we’ll never forgive them for it.

We’ve published several articles about the QES’s misguided mission:

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