For some reason the Queen’s English Society declare that one of their responsibilities after they gain sovereignty over the English language will be to “record Best Practice”!   I was falling about laughing; they were probably satirising those people whose English is not as good as it could be.

Everybody knows that the best practice is to call it “the best practice”, though we have to applaud (and laud!) their initiative in uppercaseifying the B and P, to change Best Practice from mere words into an idea to be hallowed. [1]
If they can’t decide whether to write Best Practice or the best practice how can the Queen’s English Society be trusted on any other wordly matter when they themselves need practice?     The answer is that they so obviously know what Best Practice is that they need not display any further knowledge to convince me.

So what does best practice entail?   It is vague but appears to involve condemning fad words such as “gay” and “queer”.    There are other fad words, but those two are apparently the most worrying.    The QES know that words only exist from the moment that their Society accepts them and no sooner!
Words like “gay”, because they are not Best Practice, will probably have a short lifespan of a few centuries and simply look confusing in the future, whereas terms the QES use that have fallen out of common use (e.g. “that which”, “give of your worst” and “screenful”) are good, clear words ripe for a comeback and are not comparable with fad words because all Educated People (that is, all QES members) understand them well and use them daily.
Don’t you see how they are helping the world?

That witch [pd]


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