Word Abuse: GROW (as a transitive verb, in certain contexts and countries)

Grow is an highly irritating word, mostly the preserve of American stockbrokers who “grow profits”, “grow the jobs”, “grow the economy”, “shrink my shirt”, et cetera.

“Grow” is a transitive verb, but this word must not be grown in any of the senses listed above.     Its use is limited by us for a reason!  So that we can separate the men from the boys and wimyn!   Sadly these limits are not enough; only through the imposition of a quota will we be able to halt the progress of a word that really is destructive and will grow genuinely dangerous consequences for the world if more people start growing it as well.    We’re not just ranting out of our love of controlling other people; not at all.

(Our quoting of the word and discussing it is unlikely to help grow its progress, needless to say.   If you have any respect for us you will forget that you ever read this page.)

Even the USA’s previous president, Bill Clinton, grew the word “grow” recently (in 1992)[1], and I am sure that he and all other word ab-users probably think it very clever to use a word as short and concise as “grow” to save time and thereby grow money.
In fact, I'm sure the first person to talk of “growing” a plant or his crops thought it was a good idea to b******ise this intransitive verb, but the fact remains that both are errors! (now that I have thought about it fully)     Whenever the language changes in any way, one person on Earth grows to his death.   Do they care?   No, they are utterly disdifferent to it.

Had they used a different word, such as “increase”, “expand”, “extend”, or “enlarge”, instead of grow, then the economy would definitely have survived!  (That was a joke and, therefore, we don’t need proof.)  But sadly it won't survive.

We shall grow our opposition to this word until we force it out of the language and English back to a state of normalcy!

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