This is our section commemorating the deaths and/or lives of Brilliant English Speakers.  Of course, “brilliant” is the wrong word; no–one’s English is better than ours.  The Queen’s English Society didn’t even have a section like this, so superior and negative are they.
So we have outdone them yet again.   We must, however, warn that you may only play around with language if you are educated !      Nobody else may write a book, a witty text message or rap, or even make a wordplay-based joke, unless he is approved by us!  Few of these heroes has done any of the above; most of them just presumed they were King of the Language, which is why we hereby honour them.

  Getting angry about new verbs
  A musician who dislikes “covers”
  Bad spelling and bad research
  Author of fiction inspires prats
  How comedy can help language
  That which we all must aspire to be
  You lose marks for pun...........
  Singapore’s answer to the Queen’s English Society
  Author of fiction inspires twits


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