– Unlike this PEF/QES nonsense, the Language Log, David Crystal, the OED’s Susie Dent and many others do make language interesting. It can even be a joyful thing...

How to Write Badly Well by Joel Stickley
The Zwiebelfisch columns by Bastian Sick (auf German)
– The professionally-run Queen’s English Society: the English students’ society at Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB)

The Queen’s English Society / Academywe would really hate it if they shut their websites down. It would make our PEF website pointless, so, please, QES, keep it all online.

Jack Lynch on English – a sensible guide to grammar and style, and yet the QES Academy recommended it! Lynch says that academies are “mostly fighting losing battles”, that languages do not decay, and he explains the subjunctive without campaigning to bring it back.
The Daily Mail Fan Clubas we all know, everything apart from the Daily Mail is destroying Britain. The Daily Mail’s Good lies protect us all from whatever they’re lying about. How do they come up with their QES-pleasing stories? Find out here. And here, here and here.

Translation Failure – a site bemoaning the poor syntax on English/German signposts in Asia. (How dare they try to inform us?) It’s a bit similar to Engrish.com, but without the humour.


Mark Forsyth said that the QES’s English could be better, which, while moving with the times, is not true.

Comedy man David Mitchell wrote a very rude article about the QES’s academy, arguing that it wouldn’t work.

“I Couldn’t Care Fewer” (which is wrong!) by Apathy Sketchpad, a young person using fruity language to try and shock the QES into submission.

“‘Ms’-ing the point” and “Evidence? Bah.” at the Motivated Grammar Blog, a Blog which fails to realise that Bernard Lamb doesn’t need evidence; he’s a scientist!

“The Queen’s English?”, Wordwatch: Deborah Bennison on mis-placed hyphens.

“This time we mean it”, The Economist’s Johnson blog, on a mis-spelling of ACADAMY

The Boston Globe wrote a fair and balanced article analysing the idea of an academy; it was re-printed by an Hindu.

The Anti-Queen’s English Society 
is a slightly more amusing version of this PEF website.  They also have a page in the Facebook.

Stephen Fry dedicated an entire sentence to the QES.

An American man from the American Baltimore Sun wrote one or two American articles unfavourable to the Society.

“Lashing the Wind” (about the Academy), Barrie England

Neil the Writer went to a debate in which Some Duffer from the QES  appeared less well-informed than Dizraeli! Thankfully the audience were linguo-hacks so didn't notice.

I see why the QES hate journalism: the following columnists applaud their organisation without knowing anything about it. Then they list their most hated words, which the QES promise to stamp out. That’s how language works, you see.

“Nitpicking our way through modern English”, Liza Campbell, London Evening Standard
Sigh... The Radio 4 presenters whom Campbell disses were both using slang ironically (which she fails to understand, a symptom of functional illiteracy! She should get that seen to). She also criticises Nick Clegg’s speech habits, Gordon Brown’s silly old-fashioned pronunciations (get with the times, bruv!), and David Cameron for saying “twat” on live radio and for playing down Britain’s role in the Second World War with weasel words. Oh wait, she doesn’t criticise Cameron. Of course not.

Pauline Foster’s annotated version is funnier and less badly-written than what Warner wrote. “Academy of English”? Surely he means “English Academy”?

Jeffrey Hill asks whether an academy is a good idea – this article is actually neutral, but its included in this section to make up the numbers. It includes audio of the QES’s Radio 4 interview from June 2010.

Wikipædiæ: The Queen’s English Society is great and not at all similar to the Academy of Contemporary English – I couldn’t find any other pro-QES pages, so here are some the QES wrote themselves. They hate this hectic modern technology, except for when they can cunningly hijack it. It didn’t do much good.


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