Heroes of Language: LYNNE TRUSS

Lynne Truss is an hilarious authoress whose 2003 book on the history of punctuation showed that the world does care about proscriptive grammar and that everyone finds it funny to propose violence against people who make linguistic errors.  (It did also contain lots of historical background information and was quite well-researched, wouldnt that put the QES off?)    We loved it!!!   (Oh dear.)   Beginning with a title, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, which is a painfully funny pun about a panda, the book recovers and makes interesting reading for those who want to find out what the Greeks invented.

There wasn’t quite enough class warfare in it for my liking; one cannot defend the rights of poor abused commas without also physically attacking those who misuse them, can one?    We at the Proper English Foundation, and our imitatees, the Queen’s English Society, were bouyed by her success and make it our aim to imitate her style, albeit with more nastiness where necessary (i.e. often).

Now she truly has reached the “big time”: the QES’s recommended book buying list (slightly below Bernard Lamb’s books), with a web-link and a quote that ends in a confusing half-sentence which...

If the panda doesn’t have his gun, don’t worry;
we can get him to maul you instead.


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