This can be seen currently on's homepage:

"Do does pants mean in the UK? And what is pudding?"

The rantings of a loon. Of course, the correct and Proper version of this sentence would be:

"Who doesn't know what pants means in the UK? And what is for pudding?"

Not every website has yet been equipped with automatic typo-correcting technology. Therefore, unfortunately, some readers of will have been left perplexed by this uncorrected error.

As amusing as it is to see an online dictionary failing to uphold good usage, it's not as bad as seeing the same website lead an IQ-sapping campaign against words. I'm glad they've got over that. I presume that this list of nine Briticisms is aimed at any Americans gripped by Royal Baby Fever recently. But, if so, the selected words seem inappropriate, as I strongly doubt that Prince William would wear something as common as "pants". He's not a commoner, you know.

I'm sorry to question this website's credentials as the arbiters of what is and isn't drivel, but clearly something has gone very very wrong here! Very. So, if I exaggerate my outrage and shockedness to an heroic degree, perhaps something will change! I haven't worked out how yet.