Selecting the King of the PEF  [pd]
(“President” is an Americanism)

The time has come for us to choose our leader, he who shall be beloved of all members and whose standard of English we will not question.   
Prospective candidates!  Post your credentials below or submit an E.-mail titled “Why I should be King”, approx. 200 words in length, to the web-Mister. (Female applicants may use “Queen”, though there’s no reason to be so politically-correct.)

Describe what makes you a Very Good User of English! (“Vgue”.)    The candidate using the most pedantically correct English, unsullied by unsuitable mobile-telephony speak and unwelcome “innovations” from recent centuries, will be declared King, and their arbitrary preferences held aloft as new rules for us all joyously to follow.

DEADLINE: erm, let’s say St George’s Day 2012, whenever that is. Pseudonyms are allowed, and we won’t reprint applications here without permission.

(originally posted Dec 2010)