In June the Queen's English Society announced that it was disbanding due to a lack of misanthropes. Two months later, it still exists. Why?

The QES hasn't corrected its previous announcement by its ex-chairman Rhea Williams, even though several British national newspapers reported the Society's apparent death. Maybe the QES's remaining members don't mind the bad publicity of being thought dead. Maybe they're incompetent. Whatever the reason, they had fooled us all!

But the QES's existence was never really in doubt. Observe the exact words used by Mrs Williams, quoted by Language Log:
"There will be one more Quest [magazine] then all activity will cease and the society will be wound up."
I can't believe I missed the hidden pun here! The Society were so wound up that they quickly re-formed the QES, without Williams as chairman. She's gone from their members list, but life has continued for the other 560 members, with a club meeting scheduled for September. Effectively, this whole business was just Williams's resignation notice.

You see, you goons in the world of "democracy" don't understand the exquisite feudal system that the QES uses. Basically – to put it in simple words for you goons – the Queen (Williams) can destroy her kingdom (the QES) at any time she so chooseth! And that's what she did! Her only mistake was not destroying it enough.