There are football journalists whose main ‘goal’ is to put the word qualifier in a place where it does not belong!   Move the word or we will move you!

To explain:  there are two meanings in common footballing parlance for the word “qualifier”:
1. A qualifying game of soccer prior to a championship
(Wrong: we would prefer that they call it “a foreplay” as in tennis terminology)
2. A team that has qualified for a tournament
(Wrong again: we prefer, erm, something else)

There is only one type of qualifier: a grammatical qualifier!   And, since we linguists have first “dibs” on the language (or, as footballers might say when selecting teams, “first choiceys”), we have the right to include or cast out words as we see fit.   And your sport-related “qualifiers” simply do not measure up to what the Queen wants in her language.    They has until Friday to leave the premises.

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Goal? No, it isnt called that anymore.


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