Know Your Enemy: LAURA CLARK

One major British newspaper (which will remain anonymous), in an article about numbers and numeracy, proved that this nation’s numeracy really is in a dire state.   At the beginning of the article, the journalist claims that ONE-FIFTH of children is functionally illiterate, then he immediately gives the real figure as... seventeen per cent!

I was falling about laughing.    Seventeen per cent is much closer to ONE-SIXTH!    Back to school for him, I fear.    The “numeracy” figure is 22%, or one-in-four-and-an-half, another blunder.

Naturally we would not like to dwell on this, but we have already forgotten what the serious purpose of the article actually was.    Ah, yes: bad people who do not appreciate grammar.    They are beyond help.   But illiteracy is a great distraction to us as we find it so hilarious that it helps us callously to forget about the ills of the world and the plight of those who had less fortunate upbringings, such as Afghan women.    All forgotten.

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