This section is a comprehensible list of all “common errors” in the English language; i.e., errors that mark you out as common. We made this list not simply in order to patronise; we did it also to show you how desperately you need an education!   That education begins here.

The Queen’s English Society made a similar list of words they hate:  chiefly Americanisms, journalese, ‘illogical terms, feminist words, evil Cockney pronhunciations and words used by richer, more successful people than they.    They frequently confuse grammar with style, and still none of their advice is helpful.    But at least they’re consistently wrong.    This is why we at the Proper English Foundation encourage you to use all of their most hated terms on a daily basis, just to annoy them!   Examples include “I’ve got”, “I didn’t used to”, “hopefully”, “no one”, “these ones”, “different to”, “in terms of”, “ongoing”, “Ms” and “I didn’t should have walked”. [1][2]

You, however, must, however, AVOID all of the following errors that we detest and decry!!    These are all examples of Word Abuse, the defacing of public words, and we will not stand by idly whilst people other than ourselves make mistakes.

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