Colorimetry helps you choose hair tone for your skin type

Colorimetry, or mathematics of colors, is a study by visagists and hairdressers to understand how colors behave with each other and how we can take advantage of it in the name of beauty.

“The technique assesses, for example, whether the skin is hot or cold by means of the color of the veins and, with that, it performs the harmonization of the threads while still thinking about the eye tones”, says Bruna Nunes, hairstylist at Jacques Janine Unidade Jardins.

Following the color wheel of the decoration, which determines blue, yellow and red as primary colors, in addition to the sum of all, which is brown; the secondary ones are green, orange and purple; the tertiary shades of light and dark blue, light green, dark yellow, lilac or pink and dark red. Then comes the color temperature:

  • Cold: shades of green, blue, purple, violet and gray, which have less light;
  • Warm: shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, copper and gold;
  • Neutral: mixing hot and cold, such as wine, dark brown, black, etc.

"We do some calculations and use a diagram to determine which is the best combination of skin, eye and hair tones for each client, making the color result much more assertive and beautiful", says Bruna. And how to use color mathematics to know which color suits you the most?

The hairstylist says that it is always necessary to create a contrast point on the face. Therefore, people with warm skin and eyes, need neutral or cold hair, which are those in platinum, pearly, beige and gray-brown tones. Look here for additional insights: best hair color for skin tone chart

For those who have hot skin and cold eyes or vice versa, you can choose the color you want for your hair as there will always be a contrast point. The ideal combination, according to the professional, is:

  • Warm skin + warm eyes = cold hair;
  • Warm skin + cold eyes = warm hair;
  • Cold skin + cold eyes = hot hair;
  • Cold skin + warm eyes = any shade of hair.

“Performing hair dye in a reliable salon is always a guarantee that the result will be satisfactory. Colorimetry comes to help make the look more harmonious and beautiful ”, concludes Bruna.

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